Happy Easter!

“My mom used to say that Greek Easter was later because then you get stuff cheaper.” ~Amy Sedaris

Happy Easter, everyone!

Ikea Jesus

And Don’t Forget, Please!

A Lester & Charlie Programming Note

Everyone over a certain age can tell a story about television test patterns: The insomniac’s best friend, the promise of programming worth watching, the proof that you were slowly being dragged into the digital age.

And everyone under a certain age has no idea what those above a certain age are talking about. Which is because no one has ever written a coffee table book about them that fits in a Kindle!

But we’ve got that covered. Enter “Please Stand By: Lester and Charlie’s 50 Favorite Test Patterns.”

And we’re holding a fundraiser to help offset a few of the costs.

We’d like to thank the folks who have jumped in and donated a few dollars to the cause, and remind the rest of you that there’s still time. Even a dollar helps!

You can read more about it HERE.