The Week in Politics

This week, House Intelligence Committee member Michele Bachmann proved that she’s still on top of her game when she announced some brand new lies and slogans. Did you know that Air Force One has 5 chefs? That guns don’t kill people, Obamacare kills people?

We got a hold of this footage of Michele’s Great Aunt Emily, which explains a few things. Whatch it HERE.

And Don’t Forget, Please!

A Lester & Charlie Programming Note

Everyone over a certain age can tell a story about television test patterns: The insomniac’s best friend, the promise of programming worth watching, the proof that you were slowly being dragged into the digital age.

And everyone under a certain age has no idea what those above a certain age are talking about. Which is because no one has ever written a coffee table book about them that fits in a Kindle!

But we’ve got that covered. Enter “Please Stand By: Lester and Charlie’s 50 Favorite Test Patterns.”

And we’re holding a fundraiser to help offset a few of the costs.

We’d like to thank the folks who have jumped in and donated a few dollars to the cause, and remind the rest of you that there’s still time. Even a dollar helps!

You can read more about it HERE.