We See a Pattern, Here

UPDATE: The book is now available! Get it HERE!

please-stand-by2“I remember growing up with television, from the time it was just a test pattern, with maybe a little bit of programming once in a while.”
~Francis Ford Coppola

We don’t see many these days, but there was a time when television test patterns were inescapable. Like television itself, they telegraphed a promise – a promise that tomorrow would be another day, that you could stay up all night and not be completely alone, that sooner or later something truly worth watching would show up on your screen.

Whether or not these promises were met is up for debate. But what’s undeniable is that test patterns played a significant role in the history of television, technology, culture and mass psychology.

It’s time for those nocturnal test patterns to get their day in the sun. And that’s why Lester & Charlie are writing a book about them!

And we need your help.

A small donation will help us afford to track down ownership of the test patters we’ve curated and procure reproduction rights. A couple tweets, a re-post of this column and even your recollections will be incredibly valuable.

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