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Adieu, 2012. It’s tempting to say good riddance.

This wasn’t the year we hoped it would be. Sure, we’re happy Barack Obama got re-elected (and, as always, we worked tirelessly to help him), but then there was all that other stuff. Hurricane Sandy. QEII neglecting to invite us to her Diamond Jubilee. That speech by that NRA buffoon.

Still, 2012 had its good moments. The planet resisted the efforts of the Ancient Mayans, the Higgs boson and the Westboro Baptist Church to destroy it completely. So we can all be happy that we’ll live another day to watch our president try to deal with all those Republicans in Congress who claim they were never informed of the mandate he was given by the voters.

Oh, speaking of FOX News… At least we know we’re not the only ones to say that 2012 didn’t come out as expected. Just think of all those conservatives who were flabbergasted when it turned out that Karl Rove, Matt Drudge, Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh were totally lying to them about Mitt Romney’s assured presidential victory!

Now, nobody knows better than we do that making predictions is hard. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we have to admit we’re not always right.

We were incorrect, for example, in predicting last year that the Pope would finally get laid. We were right, however, that — despite everything Ron Paul promised — the Catholic Church has not cured your cancer. We were less accurate in saying that an emboldened FCC would finally rule that FOX can no longer use the word “News” in any of their media. Alas, there’s always next year.

Speaking of next year, it’s time for some new predictions! Anything could happen in 2013. Who knows? Maybe the SETI project’s radio telescopes will receive an alien transmission and pinpoint the source to that UFO hovering over Donald Trump’s head.

So what do YOU see coming in 2013? Dig out your Magic 8 Ball and tell us!

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