Things Fall Apart

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After the circus of a GOP convention in Tampa this week, you’re probably expecting us to tell you, like Chicken Little, that the sky is falling.

Well, we’re not. Even FOX News (yes, FOX!) wasn’t taken in by all that B.S., using their opinion page to call Paul Ryan’s convention speech “an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.” So, no, we’re not going to tell you the sky is falling.

The ceiling is.

It turns out that the latest story of leaks in government has nothing to do with Julian Assange. This time, it’s the dome of the Capitol. The New York Times reported this week that the dome, “the nation’s grandest symbol of federal authority,” has 1,300 known cracks and breaks. But, just as they’re content to let the rest of America rot away, Republicans in the House won’t spend the money to fix it.

“This is not a ‘bridge to nowhere’ we’re talking about here,” said New York Senator Chuck Schumer after Senate leaders gave up hope of reconciling the House and Senate appropriations bills before the election. No, it isn’t. For a bridge to nowhere the GOP might find the money.

While we’re contemplating the symbolism of this do-nothing Congress literally letting the roof cave in, we have an urgent question: Is there anything our elected representatives can do to save the dome? No matter what we may think of the people in Congress, we kinda like the building. And we know the Republicans won’t spend any actual money to save it. So what can they do? Give us YOUR opinion!

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