All in the Family

Recognize the bloke above? Here’s another hint – he’s not a direct ancestor of this guy:

This guy, of course, is Martin Van Buren – the face of the 8-cent stamp and, incidentally, a U.S. president that nobody ever thinks about unless they owe the post office 8 cents. But the key point, here, is that the two guys above are not directly related. Which leads us to this young woman:

This is 12-year-old BridgeAnne d’Avignon of California – a genealogy freak and the 18th cousin of President Barack Obama. Apparently her Xbox is broken, because BridgeAnne just finished sifting through half a million genealogical records and then announced last week her startling discovery that every U.S. president (with the exception of the guy on the 8-cent stamp) shares a common ancestor in the form of King John of England.

King John is the guy in the first picture, the guy who signed the Magna Carta, and the guy who was the basis for the Romney-esque king in the Robin Hood stories.

We thought this would be bigger news. After all, the whole point of America was to get rid of the British Monarchy – and here a kid in California figured out that we just can’t shake them.

Of course, we’re dying to know: is, um, Mitt Romney related to King John? Karl Rove clearly thinks so.