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The Internet was made much more glittery this week thanks to Mindy Meyer, the 22-year old Republican Orthodox Jew from Flatbush, Brooklyn, running for State Senate in the great state of New York. If you haven’t yet seen it, Mindy Meyer’s website is something to behold, from the leopard-print font declaring her “Diva of the District” to the bedazzled, twinkling announcement “I’m Senator and I Know It!” set to a thumping loop of electropop from the duo LMFAO.

“It’s to appeal to the younger voter and show them that politics isn’t all boring,” Meyer said, which might explain why, in one picture, she’s dressed as Katniss from “The Hunger Games” — but not why, in another shot, she superimposed her image against the U.S. Capitol. (“Does she know she’s not running against Kirsten Gillibrand?” scoffed her Democrat opponent Kevin Parker.) We trust that Meyer, a former intern in the court of Judge Fancisco Rivera in Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn and a current law student, is smart enough to know the difference between federal and state government. (Yes?)

Many of the early visitors to the website thought it was a joke, but Meyer is fully intent on unseating Parker, who has served in the New York Senate since 2002 and has a history of anger-management issues — which, if you know anything about New York’s notoriously dysfunctional government, is perhaps to be expected. The differences in their websites is remarkable. “Have you been to Kevin Parker’s website?” Meyer asked. “You could fall asleep when you go to it, everything’s just red, white and blue.” Meyer’s site, it should be noted, is very, very pink.

Which brings us to what inspired her in the first place: Elle Woods, the lead character from the movie “Legally Blonde.” “[Elle] took pink to a top legal institution like Harvard” said Meyer. “Why can’t I bring it to the Senate?” Well, why not? We’re all for young people getting involved in government! If it’s in a pink blazer, that’s even better. Though it’s unfortunate that Meyer, who’s so far basing her campaign on how out of touch the establishment is, has a website that’s inspiring comments on Twitter that she’s “courting the much sought after ‘I thought MySpace was awesome’ vote.”

But we all have to start somewhere. So this got us thinking. There are worse things than being inspired by Elle Woods. So what are the cultural references that first inspired your favorite people? Take our survey and let us know!

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