Testing, 1-2-3

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, you might agree that this one is worth a head-scratch.

Yes, that’s right, what you’re seeing in the above picture is an artists’ conception – or misconception – of the proposed International Pro-Life Memorial & National Life Center in Wichita that is supposedly going to receive 500,000 annual visitors (who either need a good laugh or just can’t find anything else to do in Wichita).

The monstrosity you see on the left side of the rendering is a monument allegedly depicting some poor mother named Rachel, who is looking at Jesus, who is holding her lost son. We’re not sure why Rachel’s son is lost, or how he’s lost if she’s able to look at him, but we can guess.

The big thing in the middle is just, basically, big – perhaps a holding room or food court for those estimated 500,000 annual visitors that have to be greeted by on-staff “professionals, councilors [sic], and clergy.”

But it gets better. What you see on the right is an exact replica of the Western Wall, maybe because it’s often called the Wailing Wall, which sounds sad, or maybe because people in Wichita think that the Western Wall is a Holocaust memorial, or … well, maybe just because. And those white dots in the Western Wall replica’s foreground are 60 white crosses representing the so-called “60 million murdered children since Roe v. Wade.”

OK. Lost child, big Jesus, crucifixes representing 60 million aborted zygotes in front of a Jewish monument that has nothing to do with the Holocaust or abortions but should, all sandwiching a party room for half a million people killing time in Wichita. Is this making any sense yet? Not to us, either. It’s like one of those kindergarten puzzles that dares you to find 12 things wrong with a picture but you’re pretty sure you found 23, thereby calling your entire take on reality into question.

We can’t tell if this is one of the dumbest ideas in recent times or the most ambitious exercise in social satire since last week, when the George W. Bush Institute published a book on how to guarantee 4% annual economic growth.

Godspeed, America!

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