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Things over at the prez campaign of Governor Etch-A-Sketch got a little weirder this week when, amid all the controversy over whether Mitt Romney was telling the truth about his involvement at Bain Capital in the early 2000s (when they were schlepping American jobs overseas) a senior Romney adviser attempted to clarify the matter by telling CNN that Romney’s retirement from Bain actually happened as late as 2002 — but that’s OK because it was made “retroactive” to 1999.

Well, that certainly clears things up. Don’t like history? Change it!

In other news, Michele Bachmann is trying really, really hard to explain a letter she and four other Congresspeople sent to Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice (among others) that claimed that Huma Abedin, a longtime aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner) is, along with her family, an infiltrator in the State Department for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Don’t like the facts? Change them!

It’s not only Obama’s long-form birth certificate any more! It seems to us that, lately, there are many things conservatives wish would just go away.

Take Wikipedia, the collective online encyclopedia that can be edited by just about anybody. This week, it came out that a huge number of bold edits were being made to the pages of dozens of conservative lawmakers. Oddly, all the changes were being made from the same IP addressan IP address that’s shared by every Congressional office on Capitol Hill. This wouldn’t be remarkable if the edits didn’t include removing entire sections labeled “Controversy,” references to now-regretted Congressional votes or even things they actually said. (Just one example: a particular Congressman’s saying he liked to hunt “liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.”)

The Wikipedia story makes it pretty clear that members of Congress (or their staff) are yet again busily trying to bury the truth. But all of these stories, taken together, happening in just one week, seems to demonstrate that they’re doing it all with a new fervor. (And we haven’t even mentioned Romney’s missing tax returns!)

So what’s next? Since it seems conservatives are in a mood to re-write the past, what else in the long arc of history might they want to magically erase? What do YOU think?

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