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The Nuns on the Bus are gallivanting across the country, carefully avoiding endorsing a presidential candidate but making sure that everyone knows that Republican proposals are going to hurt the poor and the needy. When nuns get angry, those of us who grew up on the wrong side of their wrath are apt to pay attention. This time, however, they’re on our side. Voters everywhere — just like those freewheeling nuns on the run — have tough questions for conservative candidates! But conservative candidates will do just about anything to avoid answering them.

Take Scott Brown, the former Cosmo centerfold and incumbent senator in Massachusetts weathering a challenge from Elizabeth Warren for the seat once held by liberal icon Teddy Kennedy. (You will be forgiven if you forgot, amidst all the media hoopla, that there’s more than just the White House at stake this November.) Kennedy’s widow Vicki has offered to organize a debate — much like she did two years ago when the race was between Brown and MA Attorney General Martha Coakley. That debate clearly didn’t hurt Brown — he went on to win with almost 52% of the vote. This time, however, Brown wanted some conditions met before agreeing.

For starters, he wanted Mrs. Kennedy to promise not to endorse either candidate — either before or even after the debate. And he wanted a promise that MSNBC be kept at a safe distance. As far away as possible, actually. Like maybe another state.

What’s Scott Brown afraid of? And why is he so sure Mrs. Kennedy won’t endorse him? Is it because of the time he said that Teddy Kennedy himself would have joined him in supporting a measure allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for contraception if they have moral objections? Or when he compared himself to JFK in an ad calling for more tax cuts? Or maybe he’s just scared that Rachel Maddow will give him the evil eye.

Is this a trend? What’s to stop other conservatives from following Brown’s lead and impose even more conditions? What do YOU think? What else might some Congressional conservative demand before being willing to debate?

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