And That’s Pretty Much All There Is To Say

It was 7 years ago today that the first video was posted on YouTube: a full 19 seconds of nothing very special that proved yet again that a medium can be the message.

And like that other medium, television, it somehow changed the way the world disseminates and receives information and entertainment — without belying an unstated commitment to being a reliable and often comforting waste of time.

The first YouTube video has a seemingly prescient last line that looks like it could have spelled the beginning of the end of the whole experiment.

It’s interesting to go back in time and look at the origin of something big. We can only hope that if scientists are ever able to tune their telescopes back in time to record the creation of the universe, the Big Bang won’t deliver the same conclusion as the guy in this video.

But either way, we’re pretty sure it will be posted on YouTube.

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