Sometimes, It’s Simple

In Kenya, 3.2 million school days are lost every month by young girls – and this results in an endless cycle of gender inequality. Lester & Charlie’s friend Megan White Mukuria set out several years ago to break this cycle – and she discovered a rather simple solution: sanitary pads. Not kidding.

We don’t want to give the GOP any new ideas for their war on women, but in Kenya, the lack and expense of sanitary pads among girls entering puberty simply forces them to stay home from school. So their grades drop. Then they drop out. The cycle continues.

Through ZanaAfrica, Megan is changing that cycle by delivering free pads to schoolgirls and developing infrastructures that will manufacture and make affordable, eco-friendly pads across East Africa. So when she asked us to help raise awareness, we were happy to oblige.

Sometimes, complex problems call for a simple solution. We can all learn from this project and maybe some of us can even help. Let’s at least help spread the word.