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Plan B

This Week’s Poll! Show of hands: How many of you have felt as if you’ve been searching in vain for good news these days? All of you? Well did you see this recent headline from USA Today? Economists upping their forecasts for 2012 Compared to just a few months ago, three times as many economists … Continue reading

And That’s Pretty Much All There Is To Say

It was 7 years ago today that the first video was posted on YouTube: a full 19 seconds of nothing very special that proved yet again that a medium can be the message. And like that other medium, television, it somehow changed the way the world disseminates and receives information and entertainment — without belying … Continue reading

The British Are Coming!

The American Revolutionary War started today in 1775 with the battles at Lexington and Concord. It’s a good excuse, we suppose, to feel patriotic. And it’s a great excuse to grab some popcorn and take another look at this train wreck of a history lesson from everybody’s favorite former semi-governor McHalf-Wit! Enjoy!

Send in the Clowns!

This Week’s Poll! With Rick Santorum out of the race, everyone but Newt Gingrich seems to agree that the 2012 GOP prez nominee will be walking mannequin Mitt Romney. Aren’t we all glad that the long nominating nightmare is over? Well, no, not really. We have to admit that, for all of the bricks we’ve … Continue reading

Mein Humph

If  the late Thelma Ritter  looked at a list of Capitol Hill lobbyists – and the organizations they represent – she might quip that it includes every villain but the Nazis snapping at Congress’ rear end. Well, Thelma can now rest in peace, because just this week the American Nazi Party registered its first lobbyist … Continue reading

The Commies Have Landed!

This Week’s Poll! Stop the presses!!! Lester & Charlie just got a real scoop! Hold onto your tinfoil hats, people. According to Florida Republican Congressman Allen West, up to 80 House Democrats are active members of the Communist Party! Although Rep. West, who was speaking at a Florida town hall, declined to “name names” — … Continue reading

Aunt Betty on Public Safety

“Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the back or a priest.” -Aunt Betty’s Almanac More wisdom from Aunt Betty

Swedish Cock Tale

Our friends at The Political Carnival tipped us off to this short article, reprinted below, that just gets better with every read. We couldn’t resist sharing.

Romney, Unzipped

This Week’s Poll! If you had the chance to “unzip” Mitt Romney, what do you think you might find? We don’t mean that to sound as perverse as it does. We wonder if the same can be said for his wife, Ann Romney, who this week volunteered in a radio interview that her husband, when … Continue reading

Sometimes, It’s Simple

In Kenya, 3.2 million school days are lost every month by young girls – and this results in an endless cycle of gender inequality. Lester & Charlie’s friend Megan White Mukuria set out several years ago to break this cycle – and she discovered a rather simple solution: sanitary pads. Not kidding. We don’t want … Continue reading