Ging-Rich Quick

This Week’s Poll!

How much would you pay for a photo of yourself with the one and only Newt Gingrich? If you said anything more than fifty bucks, you’re overpaying! Because $50 is what Newt’s charging these days in a desperate bid to keep his campaign for president alive.

Of course, not long ago, it woulda cost you nothing to have your picture taken with Newt, should you happen to have been so lucky as to be standing next to him and able to hand someone your camera phone. But that was before Newt’s campaign started to tank completely. This week it was announced that, in February, the Gingrich campaign spent $200,000 more than it took in. Oops. Newt needs money, and he needs it quick.

So… perhaps Newt should take the hint and get out of the race all together, right? Not likely. We’re talking about a man with an ego you can see from space. Really. What other last-place presidential candidate can you think of who would charge fifty dollars for a picture? Who does he think he is — Snooki?

SO, since he’s not going away, we here at the Lester and Charlie Institute of Forward Thinking are wondering: What will Newt do next? What do YOU think?

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