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On HBO this week, a lot of viewers got to see Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin watching Tina Fey on TV playing Sarah Palin. It seemed for a moment that things couldn’t get more surreal than that.

Then we saw this ad from the Obama campaign, which rather brilliantly turns a Palin rant about Obama against Palin. In it, Palin revives her campaign to paint Obama as a dangerous radical. Then, incredibly, she accuses him of wanting “to take us back to the days before the Civil War.”

Really? America’s first black president’s main goal is to overturn the Emancipation Proclamation? We’ve heard some crazy things come out of Sarah Palin’s mouth, but this one may take the cake. Palin responded to the ad, saying that her words (taking from an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show) were heavily edited. But others, such as the good people at Talking Points Memo, pointed out that the unedited text is possibly even worse.

It amazes us that anyone is still paying attention to anything Sarah Palin says, especially when she continues to insist that Obama is a white-hating racist radical. But since she’ll keep on shoveling out the crazy, we here at the Lester & Charlie Institute of Forward Thinking are wondering what she’ll say next. What do YOU think?

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