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“May you live in interesting times.” ~Ancient Chinese curse

How much thought have you given to the end of the world? No, we’re not (necessarily) talking about the possibility of a President Santorum. We’re talking about the utter panic that’s happening over in the state of Wyoming.

A new bill in the state’s legislature aims to set up a special task force to ready Wyomans for the total political and economic collapse of the United States. Some of their ideas: establishing an independent military, issuing their own currency and getting their own aircraft carrier. Yes, it seems that news of a black man inhabiting the White House has finally reached the lunatic conservatives outside the city of Cheyenne, and it’s making them panic. That’s why Wyoming has decided to be prepared!

So what’s that again about an aircraft carrier?

Our sharper readers may already be aware that the state of Wyoming is currently landlocked. This fact did nothing to stop GOP state Rep. Kermit Brown from attaching an amendment to Wyoming’s so-called “Doomsday Bill” asking that the task force consider whether Wyoming should acquire — yes — its own aircraft carrier. We’re still scratching our heads over where they might put it. Maybe the Wyoming GOP knows something that we don’t about global warming and the future location of America’s coastal waterfront. Or maybe some Wyoming billionaire owns the world’s largest bathtub.

Whatever that’s about, we’re confident this is only going to get more bizarre. What do YOU think? As Wyoming’s legislators descend even deeper into panic, what other amendments will those wascally conservatives try to sneak into their doomsday bill?

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