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“I have been told that, as of today, I am the only member not supporting the Girl Scout Resolution.” ~Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris, to fellow GOP House members

We’re not sure how many of you were worrying that the Girl Scouts of America were scheming to turn your daughters into sex-crazed lesbian Communists ready to go on abortion sprees, but, if you are, Bob Morris is on your side!

Morris is the Indiana State Representative who became a laughingstock this week when he sent a letter to his GOP colleagues concluding that the Girl Scouts of America had formed a “close strategic affiliation with” and had become the “tactical arm of Planned Parenthood.” He called the GSA a “radicalized organization” that was out to promote “homosexual lifestyles” and make girls receptive to the “pro-abortion agenda.” 

Morris says he got all this information from the Internet. Of course he did. Where else? Is there anything that the Internet can’t prove? It didn’t even take him long: in his words, he simply talked to “some well-informed constituents” and did “a small amount of web-based research” before reaching his shocking conclusion, which also resulted in Morris being the only member of the Indiana House to object to the resolution honoring the GSA’s 100th birthday.

Morris is sticking to his story, despite denials of any affiliation from both the GSA and Planned Parenthood — and in spite of House Speaker and fellow Republican Brian Bosma ridiculing him and handing out hundreds of Girl Scout cookies to fellow legislators last Tuesday. But surely that won’t discourage such an intrepid investigator! More conspiracies are merely a click away. So what’s the next cherished institution that Morris will discover has been infiltrated by evil liberals? What do YOU think?

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