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Missouri Republican and U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, who has already stated that Medicare has never done anything to make anyone healthy, has some big new ideas about health insurance. In case you hadn’t heard, Blunt isn’t sure you should have any. Not if your employer has any objection to paying for it.

The kerfuffle between Obama and the Catholic Church over coverage of contraception has taken a new turn. Blunt, in an amendment he’s proposing to a bipartisan highway bill, wants to allow any employer to deny coverage on a whim. “It would allow anyone to deny any health-care service for any reason,” said California Senator Barbara Boxer. This is no longer just about the Catholic Church objecting to providing birth control. This is about any employer objecting to covering anything, regardless of religion.

In fact, the National Women’s Law Center pointed out that the amendment is so broad it would allow an employer’s view of “morality” to dictate what health coverage does and does not get covered. It even goes as far as to allow employers to sue if state or federal regulators try to enforce coverage. Just imagine working for a Jehovah’s Witness and needing a blood transfusion.

Of course, Blunt’s amendment has gotten lots of support from the likes of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House GOP Leader Eric Cantor and America’s favorite lunatic Glenn Beck.

So employers, without having to cite even a religious objection, have the right to deny any coverage of any specific treatment to their employees, for any reason whatsoever? This almost sounds like an argument in favor of getting employers out of the insurance game all together and leaving insurance to the federal government. But we’re pretty sure this is not what Roy Blunt has in mind.

We’ve put our heads together to try to imagine how all of this, if Blunt’s amendment passes, will play out. What do YOU think? If Roy Blunt has his way, what should we expect to see from certain employers’ insurance plans in the near future?

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