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This Week’s Poll!

There’s been a lot of activity this week. No, we’re not talking about Mitt Romney winning Florida. We’re talking about amendments.

You know what those are. Amendments are the way an elected representative takes something in a bill that she sees as hideous and tries to make it palatable for her constituents, usually to make a political point. Often, it means disaster. But, in two cases this week, it’s been hilarious.

First, a bill in Indiana that would allow creationism to be taught in public schools didn’t leave the Senate before being amended by a Democrat to allow teaching the origin myths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Scientology, too. We don’t think that’s what the original bill’s lunatic author had in mind.

Second, a bill in Virginia — demanding that all women considering an abortion first get an ultrasound — was amended by a Democrat to say that all men seeking a prescription for Viagra must first get a rectal exam.

This is your government at work, people. Every once in a while, it works out great.

The conservatives have a mission to return us to a bygone era — and that agenda serves as a reminder that the basic rights we take for granted are at stake. Sometimes random amendments like the ones we’ve seen this week are the only way our representatives can protect our cherished way of life. So that’s why we’re asking YOU to tell US: What are some amendments you’d like to see? Give us YOUR opinion!

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