A Quick Progamming Note

We told you last week that the Lester & Charlie Poll is now available in a fairly hidden section of our local news channel’s website. Turns out that more people found it than we anticipated— with voters earning more than 1.1 million “PIX Reward” points by taking our poll.We’re still not sure what people should do with those rewards, but it sounds good. If you want to check it out yourself, click the logo above for instructions!
And this week, we were flattered to learn that A World of Progress Radio (AWOP) will be featuring our polls in their weekly Sunday radio show. AWOP’s mission is “to help support and extend the voices of people of good conscience and the work they are doing.” Hopefully, we won’t mess that up. If you want to tune in, clicking the logo above will bring you to their site, which has program times and a lot of other good stuff!