Another Way to Vote

NEW THING: Turn Your Lester & Charlie Poll Votes into STUFF

Wondering how to get your hands on a Large Plant Terrarium? A Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug? Maybe $200 in cash? Well, Lester & Charlie have your back!

Our friends over at WPIX are adding the weekly poll to their line of surveys, videos and trivia games that you can earn random points for watching, playing and voting in – and then you can redeem those points for a chance to win the LEGO Space Center or Cordless Drill you’ve always wanted.

What’s more, we’re not kidding! If you want to play, here’s how you do it:

Go to PIX11 Rewards

1. LOG IN (a lot easier if you’re on Twitter or Facebook)

2. CLICK on “Get Points” in the middle of the screen

3. SELECT “Surveys”

4. Look for “Lester & Charlie”

5. VOTE and SUBMIT (it’s less painful than it sounds)

We can’t promise that this will bring a new Recreational Vehicle or Charm Bracelet to your doorstep, but it will help us say thank you to a local news channel that’s brave enough to include Lester & Charlie — unabridged and unedited.