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Happy New Year! We’ll try to enjoy it, despite that – courtesy of a presidential election season that seems to have been going on forever – we’re already tired of 2012. It’s a long haul till next November. But each year brings surprises. Last year, we tried our best to guess what those would be. It’s time to see how well we did.

We predicted, accurately, that a GOP icon would be beset with rumors that his horsing around and holding hands with a handsome male friend would be fodder for rumors that he is gay. No, not Rick Perry! In a new biography from an ex-White House reporter, the latest rumored-to-be-homosexual towering Republican figure is… Richard Nixon.

We were less accurate in predicting that an angry moose would do the country a service and trample Sarah Palin, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking, anyway.

In better news, we were 100% accurate in predicting that neither Lester nor Charlie would give up drinking, gambling or maxing out our credit cards.

Alas, our inner optimists were wrong in predicting that 2011 would bring peace on earth, but we suppose we can wait impatiently for that one a little longer.

So what surprises does 2012 have in store? We’ve dug out our Magic 8 Ball and have made a few guesses. What do YOU think? Tell us!

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