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For almost 50 years, science has been trying to prove (or disprove) the existence of Higgs boson, the so-called “God particle” that explains the dynamics of subatomic particles. The hunt for Higgs boson is, in fact, the main reason they built that 17-mile underground Large Hadron Collider underneath the Franco-Swiss border — the same collider that had people in a panic a few years ago because it was supposed to create microscopic black holes that would swallow up our section of the universe. (Update: That didn’t happen.)

What did happen this week is that researchers breathlessly announced that they may be close to proving that Higgs boson exists.

This is big news. Even we can understand that! The science is, of course, way over our heads, especially when we’re nursing our holiday party hangovers. But as best as we can understand it, proving that Higgs boson exists would mean that our universe actually makes sense. Go figure. After watching the latest series of GOP presidential debates, that’s the last thing we expected.

So what’s next? If scientists can use a 17-mile underground tunnel to find an as-yet hypothetical massive elementary particle that will prove the Standard Model of physics is actually correct, what else will they find? What’s the next mind-blowingly elusive thing that science might discover? What do YOU think?

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