Holiday Headline Hall of Fame Pt. 1

“Santa Drags Woman on Ground in Struggle while Taking other Woman’s Purse”

The pepper-spray and leave-a-man-for-dead holiday spirit didn’t die after Black Friday, according to The Jersey Journal and other sources.

Saturday evening, two women entered a taxi that started to pull off just as two drunken Santas — possibly refugees from SantaCon — barged into the back seat for no apparent reason. When one woman asked what was going on, which seems like a legitimate question, the “tall and overweight” Santa called her a “whore” — and in response, she threw his Santa hat out the window.  Then, big Santa grabbed the so-called whore’s purse and opened the door of the speeding car, forcing the driver to pull over. The “whore” wouldn’t let go of the purse and was dragged out of the car by big Santa, a maneuver that injured her buttocks and forced her to let go of the purse.

Then the second woman jumped out of the taxi and, after a brief struggle with big Santa, was similarly grabbed by her purse and dragged across the pavement. Santa then took the first woman’s purse, threw it over a parking lot fence and apparently escaped up a chimney, as he has not been spotted again.

The lesson of this holiday story? Just more proof that the season of giving brings out the best in all of us.