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Just when we were convinced Congress wasn’t going to do anything this year besides issue their own paychecks, along comes Sen. Al Franken with a plan for action! His idea? A Senate Secret Santa!

OK, we don’t want to make too much fun of this. Given the level of vitriolic partisanship between the two parties these days, Franken’s idea to use an innocuous exchange of small gifts across party lines to generate some good will isn’t too terrible. We don’t have much faith that it will actually succeed in overcoming gridlock, but, hey, it could be a start. And it’s kind of fitting that this kind of thing (something we haven’t done since we were kids) is happening in the Senate, which recently is looking more and more like an unsupervised kindergarten. So why not? It’s not like they’re busy doing anything else.

Of course, it could go sour, starting with the fact that almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans signed up for it. So much for the spirit of the season. We don’t want to nitpick, but it’s interesting that the same conservatives who rant about a liberal, secular society trying to stamp out Christmas didn’t jump at the chance to participate.

If we were in the Senate, we would (of course) make every effort to send something respectful to our conservative Secret Santa counterpart. Not being Congresspeople, a corporation or a lobbyist, however, we’re not entrusted to the future of this country. So — while we respect Franken’s attempt to reach across the aisle — we’re not bound to play along politely.

We’ll find out this coming week who gave what to whom. Meanwhile, let’s have some fun. What, secretly, would YOU like to leave under the seat of some GOP senator?

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