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Did you know that some D.C. politicians were actually trying to be funny?
No, we’re not talking about the recent Republican debates (believe it or not). Last Wednesday night, in a benefit at the DC Improv Comedy Club, Washington insiders including Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, Oregon Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Florida Republican Rep. Allen West — even Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform — competed for the coveted title of “Funniest Celebrity in Washington!”

It’s an awful shame that Herman Cain and Rick Perry weren’t competing. Who could have beat them? And we’re surprised that Norquist didn’t even place. Couldn’t he have just held up his “No Tax Increases Ever!” pledge (the one signed by 95% of GOP Congressmen) and bring down the house? It always gives us a good belly laugh!

Well, we weren’t invited, but, judging from the news that Rep. West, the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus, came in third with jokes about Uncle Tom and Double-Stuf Oreos (made at the expense of fellow Black Caucus members John Lewis and Maxine Waters), we think they need our help.

We love helping good causes! So let’s all pitch in. Comedians steal from one another all the time. We’ve assembled some famous punchlines. Help us match the jokes with the right politician!

Match the famous punchline to the Washington insider here!

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