Black Friday Madness

We don’t know if it’s the the steroids, the wish bone or something slowly released by the pop-up timer, but every year something in Thanksgiving turkeys make Americans go on a wild spending spree the next day. By now you’ve heard of all the the people who camped out and lined up in some strategic order to conduct a battle over planograms and bargains, and even about the “competitive shopper” who sprayed 20 fellow shoppers with pepper spray (occupy Wal-Mart, anyone?) so she could reach an Xbox faster.

Retailers roll out bargains every year to kick off the shopping season, whether or not the economy is in the tank. But this item on Twitter was a little unnerving:

Yes, that’s right, the President of the United States jumped on the retailer discount bandwagon, offering 10% off his sundry campaign swag.

Is this a not-so-subtle hint that the economy is worse than we thought?

Is he telling us that his campaign has come down to a close-out sale?

Or did he merely promise Michelle that he’d find a way to get a couple hundred boxes of these out of the bedroom closet:

Well, in any event, and thankfully, he’s probably got more job security than the poor person in Baltimore who messed up a little while trying to put a caption on this news story about Black Friday shoppers:

(PS: If anybody is thinking of buying Lester & Charlie some holiday gifts, we’d happily accept the Joe Biden can holder.)