For What It’s Worth

Newt Gingrich is calling for the end of child labor laws. Herman Cain says unemployment is the fault of the unemployed. Wisconsin is trying to recall its anti-labor governor. Congress can’t decide on anything because of some sick lobbyist’s pledge letter. American military action continues – and people continue to die – for wars that didn’t need to happen. And the middle class is almost extinct.

And in our back yards, people of all ages are rising against the machine – and getting pepper sprayed for simply sitting down and having an opinion.

There’s a challenge going on between the sane and insane. This has happened before. But this time, we’re missing something.

The music.

C’mon, guys. We need to give this movement called Occupy Wall Street a soundtrack – or, according to history, it will be dead in the water and forgotten.

Joan Baez, Willie Nelson, David Crosby and countless others have taken their guitars to OWS gatherings and gave plenty of examples. So we’re asking protesters to start their music.

Here’s one more reminder of how to do it: