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In case you had heard something to the contrary, we feel the urgent need to inform you that the United States Congress has been busy. You already know that they’ve spent valuable time on an inane debate about re-affirming our national motto, “In Corporations God We Trust.” And then, to enhance the nutritional value of school lunches, they declared that pizza is a vegetable.

But there’s new legislation that the GOP-controlled house has considered just as important. And, true to the GOP mantra, it’s about states’ rights.

What’s that? You thought the GOP was defending states’ rights? Why no. It turns out the GOP only cares about states’ rights when it furthers their psychotic agenda. To prove it, the House passed legislation that repeals any state’s right to enforce its laws about concealed weapons on interstate travelers. The bill asserts that California and New York (to name just two examples) have no business enforcing gun-control laws if they infringe on the rights of someone from, say, Utah, to traipse around Brooklyn or San Fran with a concealed weapon licensed by a state with notoriously lax gun-control laws. See, states’ rights can go to hell if a vote jeopardizes a Congressperson’s standing with the NRA.

This is lunacy. Over 200,000 people have gotten concealed-gun permits from Utah — without even living there. Other states, with much larger populations and very different gun issues, are being told by Congress that they must conform, that weaker gun laws from other states are superior. So much for states’ rights. We happen to believe in a strong federal government, but we also think that, if you support the right of states to govern themselves, it’s asinine to cherry-pick what they can decide and what they can’t.

The GOP is notoriously smug. Surely they won’t stop at this. As long as they’re getting away with (we’ll say it) murder, what will they do next? What’s the next thing they’ll allow you to carry concealed across state lines? What do YOU think?

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