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Calling all armchair psychoanalysts! It’s time to play “Analyze the Politician!”

Not that we’re the first to think of this idea. Two scholars — one a psychiatrist and the other a psychoanalyst and political scientist — are both coming out with books attempting to psychoanalyze Barack Obama, though neither has ever met him. The first diagnoses Obama as having something he calls “obsessional bipartisan disorder” — something surely no modern Republican will ever come down with — which he attributes to Obama’s broken home and mixed race, leading to “a deep-seated need to see bipartisanship as a form of healing his own internal divisions.” The second says that Obama’s “idealization of his mother” has driven him to adopt “a signature issue for her, which was fairness.”

Well, this could be fun. We’ve been trying to figure out what’s been going on in Obama’s mind for a long time. What’s with all his pretending that the GOP takes any of his ideas seriously? Why all the “compromising” when it fails to attract a single vote from the other side in the end? What’s with the black and white dog?

We hope this starts a trend. We can only begin to imagine the kinds of books that could be written psychoanalyzing the lunatics currently running the GOP (emphasis on “psycho”), not to mention the ones running for president. And the recent debates have only worsened our opinions of all of them — “Amateur hour,” the New York Times called it — as none of them seemed able to talk about anything but Herman Cain’s ill-conceived “9-9-9” tax plan (which we kept hearing as “Nein, Nein, Nein” — giving new meaning, we suppose, to the idea that the GOP is the “Party of No”).

So why not try to understand where they’re really coming from? We’re inviting you to help!  If you were to psychoanalyze the major figures in the GOP, what would YOU say were the defining crises of their lives?

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