Let’s Hear it for the Grim Reaper!

This Week’s Poll!

In the recent grim debates among the Republican hopefuls, the candidate that got most of the attention — and most of the applause — was none other than Death itselfAnd we didn’t even realize Death was running for anything.

First, when Texas governor Rick Perry was asked how he felt about the 200+ death sentences that have been carried out on his watch, moderator Brian Williams hadn’t even finished his question when the audience of conservative supporters at the Reagan Library erupted into cheers. Perry, beaming with pride, declared that he’d lost no sleep over executing more prisoners than any other governor in modern times. When first asked how he felt about the audience’s reaction, Perry’s smug response was simply, “I think Americans understand justice.”

In the next debate, Texas congressman Ron Paul was asked whether an uninsured 30-year-old man should be left to die if tragedy put him into a coma. The audience of Tea Party wingnuts cheered “Yeah!” (Now, of course, we know that Ron Paul’s former campaign manager, who had no insurance and died of pneumonia three years ago, makes the question a bit less than hypothetical.)

It’s remarkable to remember that only two years ago, Sarah Palin’s invented “death panels” were a sly, super-misleading attempt to paint the Democrats as “the party of death.”  Now, as the GOP struggles to rally behind one candidate, Death suddenly seems to have all their support. So maybe Death should run for the nomination! Hey, if they can nominate John McCain

Conservatives are showing their true colors. But it’s not likely to stop there. It’s a long haul to Execution Election Day, and we want to know what YOU think. What will be the next thing conservatives cheer for at a Republican debate?

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