Time for Ally Bank to Get a Little Jolt

liz warren warning



PLEASE tweet this as soon as you can and get your friends to RT if you’re willing:

@ally @allybank @allycare – Revise your policy on Reg CC #Dollars63


Well, you guys have helped us slap a few corporations — like Well Fargo and Marriott — back into some bit of humanity.

Now it’s Ally Bank’s turn to hear from us.

Real fast: We know someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and lives check to check. They chose Ally Bank because it has no fee checking and the bank brags about clearing checks in 24 hours.

This friend deposited a small check and found out that — without even knowing it or being notified about it — they had an overdraft last month of $1.63.

So now, because of that horrible overdraft — Ally is going to hold every deposit of theirs for 5 business days — no matter what the deposit amount is. It’s not illegal, but it’s Ally’s choice to do so and it’s a bad choice. People who consider Ally should know this.

So we hope you’ll tweet this:

@ally @allybank @allycare – Revise your policy on Reg CC #Dollars6

A few of those tweets — we’re only asking about 20 people to do them — might get Ally to move on this problem. If it doesn’t, we’ll make a big deal out it like we did for those other scumbag corporations.

Hope this will be enough though. And thank you!