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Bang Bang Update

Thanksgiving weekend seems like a weird time to bring up something morbid, but maybe there’s no better time of the year to memorialize all the Americans who can’t say thanks this year because of guns. Especially after today’s shootings in Colorado. Today’s shootings started at a Planned Parenthood center, and, even though there were armed … Continue reading

Christmas with the Conservatives

We looked into our Magic 8 Ball and asked what swell gifts we’re going to miss out on this Christmas — since we don’t have any conservative friends who will give us any. Here’s what we saw. ***

The Week in Politics

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Everything you need to know about last week’s politics for this week’s cocktail party. More evidence came in this week that guns are a man’s best friend. On June 12th, a man from the alternate universe known as Macon, Georgia was at a gas station when he decided he ought to holster … Continue reading

Steaks, Guns and God

Aeons ago, when your faithful, intrepid reporters Lester & Charlie were wee lads, we asked the nuns in charge of us at school: Does God have a sense of humor? Those nuns, not ones to be out-sassed by sassy toddlers, were prepared with an answer. After the obligatory, “Of course he does. He made you, … Continue reading

Karma’s a Stitch

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” ~Mel Brooks Is it just us or does it seem that there are a lot more open sewers lately? First, there’s that guy in Michigan who shot himself in the head trying to demonstrate to his girlfriend … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

American Psychos This week, escaped lunatic and retiring Congresswoman Michele Bachmann let Marcus out of the closet and let some of her 27 kids out of the basement long enough to pose for this picture: The photo was then posted on Facebook by Sophia, one of the Bachmann brood, with no other description than “Bachmann … Continue reading

VIDEO: A Gun in Every Toy Box

“It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.” ~Harper Lee During last year’s Christmas shopping season, Americans purchased 4.7 million guns. That’s enough to outfit every soldier in the armies of China and India combined.  We … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics: The Grinch Who Saved Christmas On the heels (or snow boots) of: Sarah Palin’s one-woman battle against the imaginary War on Christmas, and FOX News bobblehead Megyn Kelley’s one-woman crusade to keep the white in White Christmas, and Another child shooting a gun in Colorado, and “Keeping the poor miserable” becoming … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics Turns out that 85% of Weld County, Colorado is sick of gun control and wants more fracking in their back yards. So this November they will be voting on whether or not to break off and become their own state, the state of North Colorado – whose postal abbreviation might get … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

This week, George Orwell’s NSA instruction manual,1984, zoomed to #25 on Amazon’s ranking of bestsellers. For a complete list of the people who bought it, you can contact the Central Security Administration’s SELinux Team at selinux-team@tycho.nsa.gov. And as the nation was focused on the war on terror and its interference with life, liberty and the … Continue reading

Cartoonists Against Gun Violence

What happens when more than 20 of America’s funniest cartoonists get together? They make a very serious public service announcement demanding action against gun violence. This PSA was directed by Lester & Charlie’s supportive friend, Peggy Stern. Voices were provided by Lester & Charlie’s less-supportive friends, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore. Show them you … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

This week, New York State and President Obama fueled the paranoia of paranoid gun nuts on the national political stage, and Dear Abby died at the age of 94 – leaving those nuts with no one to advise them on the politics of daily life. The New York Times published some of her best letters, … Continue reading